I became a Justice of the Peace, because I wanted to marry one of my best friends, and her fiancé. Carla had helped me through some though times, and we both worked extremely hard to open the Farmington Valley Student Union (Teen Center).

She met a wonderful guy by the name of John, and they wanted me to perform the wedding. I became a Justice of the Peace. and married them at The Hop Brook Tavern. After the wedding ceremony, the proprietor of the restaurant asked if I would be interested in performing more weddings in 2003. The rest as they say, is history

My style is probably best described as “fun.” It is my feeling that your guests will have traveled from, sometimes great distances to be part of your wedding. As part of my introduction to the ceremony, on your behalf, I thank everyone for being there.

I have lived in Simsbury, Avon, and Boston.
After graduating Northeastern University in 1981 I went into our family automobile business, Mitchell Auto Group. My 3 children: Justin 5/85, Heather 2/87, Ashley 9/88, are making their way through college; learning, and taking time to have fun for themselves.

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